About Us

We continue working in order to reach our goal to become a worldwide brand on specific areas like submarine technologies, naval construction, salvage and wreck removal services, emergency actions to marine accidents, open sea operations by preserving our values that we have had since our foundation.

In 2007, Pirana Dalış ve Gemi San.İnş.Taah.Tic.Ltd.Şti. which based on Kocaeli completed a lot of projects successfully belonging to European Union in both private and public sector. Pirana Dalış Ltd.Şti. operates its business in many different areas like "Coast&Port Constructions, Dams, Deep-sea Diving, Salvage, Submarine Pipelines, Sea Constructions Engineering Works, Sea Bottom Deepening and Dredging.”

With "Deep Diving System installation and -85-meter helox test dives" in public sector and with completing the most difficult tasks of the underwater sector such as "Disposal of Docked Boats" in the private sector, which require the knowledge, experience and importance, our company proceeds on its way with zero accidents at work.

Pirana Diving produces economical and rational solutions with equipment and experienced expert staff on marine structures. Thanks to its reliable and result-oriented working principle, it successfully completed many projects such as open seas, harbors, power plants, shipyards, industrial facilities quays, marinas, hotel quays, fishermen's shelters and coastal and coastal protection fortifications. Therefore, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Pirana Diving also works in "Dam Diving" works. Our company, which is working both in the installation and disassembly of the dam containers and the water jet cleaning and control of the grids, gives this area not only maintenance control but rehabilitation - crack damage detection, insurance reporting, expert services.

Our company is also working on marine terminal, port and port licensing, static calculations in overhead concrete structures, PIT Integrity, carotid sampling projects.

Our company successfully implemented new engineering solutions developed in this field and again successfully completed all the projects it has undertaken in this sector as well as in every sector it operates.

Working with the aim of being the best in every field where it operates, Pirana Diving carries out its work according to national and international quality, environment and safety systems. As a result,

In 2008, it was awarded to get certificates of "ISO 14001 Environmental Management System", "ISO 9001 Quality Management System" and "OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System" and "Turkish L’oyd Open Sea and Coastal Construction Survey".