Quality Policy

Our quality policy

Although Pirana Diving Management has all technology, developed construction equipment and materials that Marine and Submarine/Underwater sector has reached today, we know the fact that the most important need is human. With this awareness, we adopt as principle to put human values over the top by making biggest investment in employees.

Our main principles developed by sticking to our business ethics are as follow:

* To complete projects with an understanding that gives priority to customer satisfaction, with desired quality and timing.

* To work with making no concessions on engineering knowledge and discipline

* To apply "Quality Management System” criteria and to develop the system in accordance with the project needs.

* To minimize negative effects of our activities on human and environment

* To organize a team that lives on business ethics and business passion by creating sense of belonging among employees.

* To pay attention to contracts, specifications and legal regulations,

* Establish good relations with local administrators and the people of the environment, be sensitive to their wishes, to prioritize environmental and human health and safety.