Work Safety & Sustainability

Work Safety comes first

Being able to keep job safety unconditionally has become the center of service of PIRANA DIVING. While we have followed the global business safety systems and practices in the establishment of our organization, we have also organized activities to improve the knowledge and competence of our employees. Beyond the service provided, our management system gives priority to our business and our activities with our customers and suppliers. In order to ensure that our sustainable occupational health and safety system is kept up-to-date, PIRANA DIVING performs weekly audits. And we publish our current in-house outlook on our current network of reports that need to be followed. PIRANA DIVE management monitors these performances and keeps up-to-date, develops and enforces measures to achieve corrective / preventive actions, sustainable work safety and health goals. Within the framework of PIRANA DIVING business safety policy, we declare: All labor accidents can be prevented.

1. Every employee is responsible for the safety of himself / herself and all other employees or non-employees.

2. The most important condition of employment is job safety.

PİRANA DALIŞ deals with the occupational health and safety of its employees in order to create safe working conditions. It provides reliable equipment, adequate number of vehicles, equipment and training and all necessary protective equipment.